Flask-Velox also has optional Flask-Admin integration which you can use to build admin systems rapidly.


The following packages must be installed:

  • Flask-SQLAlchemy
  • Flask-Admin
  • Flask-WTF

How you manage authentication is up to you, Flask-Velox simply provides views to perform standard admin tasks.

It is recommended that you view the API Reference to understand the extra attributes you can define on the admin versions of the views.


Using the already existing views and mixins we have created a set of admin view classes and mixins which allow the views to be rendered within a Flask-Admin framework.

Here is a complete example which has create, read, update, delete views:

from flask.ext import admin
from flask.ext.velox.admin.views.sqla import read
from flask.ext.velox.admin.views.sqla import forms
from flask.ext.velox.admin.views.sqla import delete
from flask.ext.velox.formatters import datetime_formatter
from yourapp import db
from yourapp.forms import CreateForm, UpdateForm
from yourapp.models import Model

class AdminView(admin.BaseView):

    class index(read.AdminModelTableView):
        model = Model
        columns = ['title', 'created', 'updated']
        formatters = {
            'created': datetime_formatter,
            'updated': datetime_formatter
        with_selected = {
            'Delete': '.delete_multi',

    class create(forms.AdminCreateModelView):
        model = Model
        form = CreateForm
        session = db.session

    class update(forms.AdminUpdateModelView):
        model = Model
        session = db.session
        form = UpdateForm

    class delete(delete.AdminDeleteObjectView):
        model = Model
        session = db.session

    class delete_multi(delete.AdminMultiDeleteObjectView):
        model = Model
        session = db.session

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